sept 13 - strength for the journey

the homecoming

strength for the journey

September 13 - Isaiah 35.3-4
Pastor Curt McFarland

As I write this, September 11, 2020 I am reminded of that horrible morning in 2001.  Fear grabbed on to me that day … and on to our nation and world.  

Fear has increased over the years since.  I have heard the words fear or afraid more in these past months than I have at any other time in my life.  Fear of an unseen virus.  Fear of the destruction of the environment.  Fear of fire and hurricane.  Fear that one candidate or the other will win the election.  Fear of the economy.  Fear of the loss of a job.  Fear of a health crisis … So much fear.  There is good reason to be afraid … listen to the news!  Fear sells newspapers, it makes us sell out our neighbors, it keeps us from listening, or responding to others with grace and love, it causes us to buy products that shamelessly promise to protect us but never do.  That’s not how we are suppose to live!  For those who trust God, who love Jesus, trouble will come … but it does not have the last word.  It cannot capture or enslave us.  Our savior has come.  That takes a bit of reminding with all that is happening around us and to us.

Confronted by those who shouted, “Be afraid!”, “Crucify Him” and, “we have no king but Caesar,” there was One who walked right into the heart of trouble.  He faced the hostility of the crowd.  He was led to a hill outside the city, stretched out His hands, said things like, “Father forgive them …”, “into Thy hands I commit my spirit”, and, “It is finished.”  And with that act of love the worst of our fears lost all its power over us.

This Fall please consider joining our ten-week all church study (by joining a ten-week group) focused on the book “AHA.”  I’ve just started the book and see why Bill chose this for us as we return home!

Pastor Curt

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