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9:00am . 3 years - 5th grade

Stop by the Family@Grace table  in the Garden Room, check in & pickup nametags 
The whole family heads to the Sanctuary for 9AM worship
Kids will be dismissed to the front of the church & escorted to worship classrooms. (Parents are welcome to accompany kids)
After worship, parents pickup kids in the classrooms. 
Childcare - 3 months - 36 months
(across from main office)
Cubbies - Ages 3 years - Kinder
(Room 203, 2nd floor)
Seekers - Grades 1-5
(KidZone Room, 2nd floor)
Note to Parents

Welcome to Summer Bible Reading Bingo! This is a resource for preschool and elementary children that will help them read their Bible during the summer and stay connected with God. This resource is designed to help children develop a daily quiet time with God that includes reading their Bible and getting to know God through His Word. It will help them learn how to use their Bible, learn more Bible stories, learn more about God, and will also help them with their reading skills.

What does this include?
This resource includes 4 Summer Bible Reading Bingo cards. Each age group (preschool and elementary) has 2 Summer Bible Reading Bingo cards. Each card is meant to last for a month. One month kids will read Old Testament Scriptures and the other month they will read New Testament Scriptures.

Preschool Bingo Cards 
In each Bingo square for preschoolers, you will find a title of a story. These titles match the ones found in the Beginner's Bible by Zonderkidz (if you don't own this Bible, you can use any preschool Bible. I have also included the Scripture it comes from in the space as well). Parents will read a Bible story to their child each day.

Elementary Bingo Cards
In each Bingo square for elementary kids (K-5th grade or 5-years - 11-years), you will find a Bible verse and a title that tells what the verses are about. Kids can open their Bibles, find the verses, and read by themselves or with a parent.

How does this work?
The idea is to help children open their Bible every day and read a little about God (or have parents read them one of the Bible stories). Each time they read a Bible story, they will put a sticker on that space (or you can mark through that space with an X). When they have bingoed (which is 5 across, 5 down, or 5 diagonally), they can receive a small prize. At the end of the month, if they have filled up the whole card, they can have a chance to win a bigger prize.
How does my child get prizes? For each Sunday in June and July, have them bring their Bingo card to church. They can only receive one prize a week. At the end of the month, if they have filled their whole Bingo card, they will be entered into a drawing to win a big prize!

How many Bible stories can they read a day?
They can always read as much of the Bible as they want each day. However, for this game, I suggest only reading one Bible story a day (which means only marking off one Bingo square each day). This is to help children develop a daily quiet time with God and a daily habit of reading His Word. I pray this resource will help your child find a LOVE of spending time with God and reading His Word. May God bless you and your children as you take time to be with God this summer!
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Jesus said, "let the little kids come to me!"

Matthew 19.14

We love kids and want all kids to know that they are deeply loved by God!  We want every child to know Jesus Christ in a personal way! We want to help prepare kids to discover their uniqueness, spiritual gifted-ness and eventually, God’s mission for their lives.

We want kids to experience friendships in community where they can know and be known, love and be loved, celebrate and be celebrated.  Life change happens best within relationships, and Small Groups serve as the structure for relationships to develop and grow. It is with the help of dynamic and committed leadership teams that we hope life-long relationships between leaders and kids will be built. We also strongly value and support the role and responsibility of the family in the journey of spiritual development and growth.

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