april 18

9am contemporary

11am tradItional

series: believe

Don't look back

april 18, 2021 . john 21.1-14

pastor bill williamson

As we see the beginnings of Spring, and with more and more vaccinations being given, “hope springs eternal”. However, we are not out of the woods. As a country, and as a city, we are still in a holding pattern. I want to encourage us to continue using this time to draw closer to God, to lean fully upon Him, to trust that He is sovereign and in control and His plans are for a hope and a future, even if we don’t know what that future may look like. Let us constantly fix our eyes on Christ. Let us fully pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit and engage in what God is doing in the midst of the storm.

For now, join us this Sunday as we continue to discuss what it means to “Believe”, looking at John 21.1-4: “Don’t Look Back”.