camp Ghormley

It’s time to prepare to RENEW & REOPEN the ministry of Camp Ghormley!

Greetings from Our Camp Director, Joel Whitehead

Dear Friends of Ghormley,

If I close my eyes, I can almost hear it. Maybe you can as well. The laughter after an awesome innertube ride, the worship at the campfire, the late-night conversations, the audible wonder of a child taking in a starry night sky. After 14 months of sometimes excruciating periods of waiting, a new season at Ghormley is arising. It’s not quite here, but it’s coming.

Thanks to the faithfulness of God through so many friends of Ghormley, we have weathered this COVID storm, and are bursting with excitement at the prospect of serving guests again soon.

Camp is coming! It’s time to prepare to RENEW and REOPEN the ministry of Camp Ghormley!

We are overjoyed that God has made a way for us to serve again this summer! But make no mistake, COVID has left an impact, one that will force us to operate in new and different ways, and it will require a lasting investment to insure that we are ready to meet the need in front of us in us. COVID is still a reality we must deal with, and in order to strive to keep guests safe, and meet state health operational guidelines, we must make a real investment in our facility over the next 45 days.

Your generous support will be the key that makes RENEWAL and REOPENING possible!

What sort of investment am I talking about? Here are some examples:
•             Finishing our outdoor worship stage project (“Phase 2”; Phase 1 was completed last summer) so we are well-prepared to do all group meetings outdoors this summer
•             Replacing and upgrading broken down campfire seating so campers can safely and comfortably sit in their cabin groups
•             Building a multi-person outdoor handwashing station so cabins can quickly and efficiently wash their hands before meals
•             Purchasing necessary equipment (tables, chairs, tents, etc.) so that we can facilitate all meals outdoors during our summer season
These are but a few examples of the investments necessary to make camp possible this summer.

We anticipate these investments will cost approximately $25,000, and we must make these changes by June 15th in order to be prepared to serve well this coming summer, and beyond.

I can’t overstate the difference your generosity will make in the life of a young person who needs hope in the midst of this difficult season. Your generosity towards our RENEW and REOPEN CAMPAIGN, through a special gift of $50, $100, $200, $500, or even $1,000, will help bring hope and renewal that young people are desperately seeking. Please consider a special gift today. You can easily give online through our website (please be sure to designate your gift to the RENEW and REOPEN CAMPAIGN) at

Camp matters! Lives will be changed this summer because you care, and I can’t wait to share with you the results.

In the Name of the One Who Brings Hope,

 Joel Whitehead
Executive Director, Camp Ghormley
We are pausing the Ghormley Goodness program until further notice, as we prepare for our summer season. If you’ve never ordered and would like to be added to our mailing list to be notified when future menus are posted, please connect with Camp Ghormley. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!