This fall's all-church study will be on the book, "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis.
Each week the leaders will have access to the study guides, your group will read a chapter a week and meet to discuss.

Life together is better

We were not created to live life alone.  God placed within us a longing to be known and to know others, to be loved and to love others, to be honest and real with ourselves and with others.  Community Life Groups (CLG) at Grace provides that opportunity.

Here at Grace our goal is to be a church of community groups, not simply a church with community groups. That is a monumental shift in how Grace lives out its purpose in our valley and world. We believe God is leading us in this direction.

Why are Community Life Groups important? 

We gather (in non-COVID times) as a large group on Sundays to offer thanks to God, to grow in our understanding of the love of God, to hear the call of God for our life.  It’s a large room with lots of people!  But it is in Community Life Groups that we can be known, listened to, cared for, challenged, encouraged, supported, loved.  Community Life Group participants share together in the details of each other’s lives.  They study together, ask honest questions, share meals and life experiences, laugh and cry together.

There is no requirement to share your deepest secrets. 

But when the time is right, if you so choose, you will find others who love you for who you are, not for what you have done.  Grace is extended as each is reminded of the unlimited and undeserved Grace offered to them by God.  
Last fall (Sept 2020) all were invited to participate in a church-wide focused study on a particular book, the book AHA by Kyle Idleman.  “AHA” stands for “Awakening, Honesty, Action”.  The response was exceptional.  Whether a long-time Christian, or an explorer trying to figure out what a relationship with Jesus is all about, this book helped move us further along in our life with God.
We hope you take the plunge and experience for the first time, or once again, Life Together at Grace because LIFE TOGETHER IS BETTER!

For more information call the church office (248-7940), send an email to Curt, fill out a Sunday Connect Card, or signup below.

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community life study resources

Romans - A 10-week Bible Study, with study notes & questions (Curt Mc Farland, Winter 2021)
Reason For God - A 10-week study based on the book by Timothy Keller (group notes by Curt Mc Farland, Winter 2021)
AHA - A 10-week study based on the book by Kyle Idleman (group notes by Curt Mc Farland, Fall 2020)