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our philosophy

At Grace of Christ Preschool, we offer a quality early childhood education centered around our core values of Community, Safety, Christian Identity, a Balanced Developmental perspective, Communication & Respect. Our preschool is God-centered & God's Word is integrated throughout the GOC preschool program. Children are engaged in a combination of play-based and academic learning. Our child centered curriculum integrates literacy, math, social studies, science, the arts, motor development, social skills and Christian values into all parts o the child's day. We emphasize the development of higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills, which are the foundation of every good learner's academic ability. Our teaching strategies are based on goals in five major areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language and spiritual.

Our exceptionally-qualified teachers understand child development and have a deep respect for each child's unique attributes. We take great pride in hiring early childhood education professionals who are warm and enthusiastic. Who nurture and inspire, and who strive to meet the needs of every child. Our staff members have a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to study and grow in their Christian faith. They also work closely with the Director and are encouraged to attend classes, workshops and conferences to stay on the cutting edge of early childhood education, whenever possible.

Core values

Community - We strive to build a sense of belonging through collaboration and connectedness.
Safety - We ensure an environment of emotional and physical safety.
Christian Identity - We share and impart the love of Christ.
Developmental Perspective - We create a love of learning through a balance of child-centered play-based learning and academic learning.
Communication - We foster authentic relationships with the community.
Respect - We uphold a culture of respect for self and others.

registration for 2021-2022!

Current Families
We are so glad that you are choosing to spend another year at Grace of Christ Preschool! To guarantee a spot in your preferred class, all current families are encouraged to register during this period.

New Families
Welcome to Grace of Christ Preschool! Before registering take a moment to explore our classes below and confirm which class is the best fit for your child based on their previous preschool experience and age. Some classes may require an informal assessment.

To schedule a visit or confirm which class to register for, please contact our Preschool Director, Becca Mailand via email at or by calling 509.248.7940

Once a class is full, all additional applications will be placed on a waiting list.

Non-Refundable Registration Fee
Returning Students $80 - Includes registration fee & supply fee
New Students $100 - Includes registration fee, t-shirt, bag & supply fee

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

In all of the classes at Grace of Christ Preschool, we focus on development of Social Emotional Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Strength & Postural Stability, Handedness (left or right), Writing readiness, Crayon/Pencil Grip, Imitation & Copying Writing/Coloring Strokes, Biblical appreciation and understanding. All classes have Chapel and music once a week. The 4 year old and PreK age kiddos also have a 30 minute PE class once a week. Our preschool is open to all children regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.  However, the school is not equipped to handle children with excessive emotional, visual, speech, hearing or other severe handicaps. A copy of the child's vaccination record or completed and signed Statement of Exemption to Immunization Law must be on file.
Please take a moment to look over our class offerings for the coming year.

2 day preschool class

must be 3 years old by aug 31, 2021

Tuesday & Thursday | 9a-12n | $150/month

This class is designed for potty trained children age 3 and up with no previous preschool experience. This class will focus on pre-instructional learning through sharing, play, singing, imitation, pre-writing, and socialization. Students will participate in Chapel and Music once a week.

3 day preschool class

must be 3 years old by aug 31, 2021

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday | 9a-12n | $185/month

This class is designed for children age 3 and up with or without previous preschool experience. This class will focus on helping children prepare for Kindergarten or our Pre-Kindergarten class. Students will participate in Chapel, Music, and PE once a week.

5 day Pre-K class

must be 4 years old by aug 31, 2021

Monday - Friday | 9a-12n | $250/month

This class is designed for children age 4 and up with previous preschool experience. This class is designed to prepare students for the rigors of Kindergarten. Students participate in Chapel, Music and PE during the week.

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