internship program

Internship Vision & Mission

Equip young adults to further God’s Kingdom in Yakima and to the ends of the earth

Provide young adults in a missional community the opportunity to:
  • Earn a college degree
  • Deepen their spiritual growth in Christ, and
  • Develop career skills that will strengthen and expand the Church

Our 3 Stakeholders & What We Will Accomplish For Each

The Kingdom of God
  • “Love God, Love Others” - Let our mission echo the mission of GCPC.
  • “If we build it, they will come” – Prepare a missional community where youth can experience God’s love, be transformed, listen to His voice and surrender their lives to His Lordship.
  • Provide truth and nurturing for youth and young adults.
  • Strengthen the Kingdom by connecting youth and young adults with older generations.
  • Create an avenue to develop ministers for the greater Church.
  • Train young adult interns to lead youth into deeper connections with Jesus.
Our Interns
  • College credits and higher education
  • Practical career skills and experience
  • A missional community and fellowship
  • Assistance in finding a Kingdom role after graduation.
  • On the job training and a broad exposure to ministries in the church
  • Christ-like leadership skills
  • Learn in an environment where they collaborate with peers and GCPC staff
  • Enrich their remote college experience through daily, practical personal interaction.
Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
  • Interns’ presence and involvement would attract more youth and families to church.
  • Interns would support current staff to allow GCPC ministries to expand and grow.
  • Internship graduates may provide a hiring pipeline for church leadership and staff. Internship program may lead to the development of new ministries and missions.

Proposed Internship Model

GCPC Internship Program Leadership
  • Model Development Team– Short Term / Start Up
  • Program Management Team– Long Term / Ongoing
Affiliate with a Program/College
  • Work with Northwest University as a Northwest Partner Program (NPP) to allow interns to earn college degrees.
  • Partner with local NPPs in the state that are already established to collaborate and share resources for the internship.
Where Interns Will Come From
  • Recent graduates from GCPC
  • Local groups: Young Life, FCA, LaSalle, Riverside, ACTS
  • Recruitment beyond Yakima (Whitworth? High schools? Churches?)
What we will provide to the interns
  • Opportunity to get college credits at a discounted price
  • Hands on experience
  • Stipend
  • Opportunities to further the Kingdom
  • Use our resources and connections as a church family to enable placement in a Kingdom role after they graduate.
Internship Structure
  • 4-6 students supervised by Kara and support staff
  • 8-12 Hours of Service per week.
  • 1st Year Interns rotate through areas of ministry:
  • Music, Technology, Leadership, Service, Teaching, Ghormley, Etc.
  • 2nd Year Interns specialize in service in their area of interest/calling
  • 3rd and 4th Year Interns are given opportunities to lead in their area of interest/calling
  • Focus on pouring into them as well as utilizing them.
Program Expenses
  • Housing (if interns are not local or need a new start)
  • Stipend
  • Intern community excursions and activities
  • Paid part-time intern supervisor
How We Will Fund It
  • $1300 “program expense allotment” received from NU per student per semester.
  • Appeal to congregation?
  • Match with foundation funds?