We Are All One In Christ

Jan 24, 2021    Alex Rule    John 17:20-26

Jesus prayed for all believers to be one, just as He and His Father are One. This prayer was not only for current believers at the time, but for those in the future, as well. What a wonderful invitation and blessing from Jesus to every generation. He prayed for all of us to be One, one Heart, Soul and Mind. He prayed for you and me, for John, for Carlos, for Mary and for all who believe in Him today.

Who are the believers of today? Who will be the believers of tomorrow? God only knows.

I remember my grandmother taught me to pray when I was very little and although I did not understand what prayer meant in that moment, God was preparing me for the future. My grandmother always prayed to God our Father and believed that He would listen to her prayers. She prayed that I would know what faith is, and come to believe in God and His son Jesus. She prayed that I would grow up, be a man; and one day get married and have children. I know she prayed for my children who she wouldn't have the chance to meet. She prayed that God would bless them and also bless the children of my children who have yet to be born. My mother prayed to God our Father for the future generations to come, that His blessing will be many always!