One Church

Jan 31, 2021    Bill Williamson

Whenever two or three or more gather together, joining their hearts united together, the promise is that God will be in their midst. When we come together for Worship on Sunday mornings, or as you gather in your home, the Holy Spirit unites us, and God does indeed make Himself known. We just have to pay attention. This Sunday, as we prepare for our Annual Congregational Meeting, we will look at Ephesians 4.1-6. Within those verses we are told that there one body (Church), one Spirit, because there is one God and One Lord.

We will look at what it looks like to be One Church here at Grace of Christ. It’s not about a location, a building, or even the amount of people in attendance. We just have to seek God, together, united in Christ, and we are promised that we will see God. So, come with your eyes wide open. Come with hearts ready to not only give, but to also receive what God has for us in 2021.