In this 15-16 week class, our vision is to see the Body of Christ awakened to pursue the fulfillment of God's global purpose within every people for His glory. Our Mission is to mobilize the Body of Christ in the USA through education to strategic engagement in God's global purpose, not necessarily to make missionaries out of all believers, but to have all believers be on mission with God.

The aim of the Perspectives experience is to educate in order to mobilize the whole Body of Christ to become "World Christians", people who live intentionally to see God globally worshipped. The course grows vision, the Biblical vision of God accomplishing His purpose; it gives purpose, as we align ourselves with God's timeless purpose and global promise; it gives hope, as we see people from every tongue, tribe, and nation worshiping God together before His throne; and it unifies the Body of Christ, as we work with a common purpose to see Jesus glorified among the peoples of the earth.