Dark Times 9am

Sep 10, 2023    Curt McFarland

As we continue in our study of the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis, we encounter the uncomfortable, raw, troubled lives, of God’s people. Most assumed then that being chosen by God would bring them a life of comfort, success, and uninterrupted happiness. Many believe that today. Instead (and my own personal experience confirms this) trouble, family conflict, and injustice, are always in the mix.

There is good news with the bad news. The stories in the Bible, the lives of God’s people, our lives today … declare there is something, Someone, more significant, more powerful, more dependable, with us, even in the worst of times. That Someone finds us in the darkness and bring us through to the other side.

Tomorrow, 9/11 is one of those defining dark times. He finds us there too.