Your Prayer Has Been Heard (9AM)

Nov 28, 2021    Alex Rule

Good morning and welcome! Today we are celebrating the first day of Advent (HOPE). Together we will be walking each day to experience the arrival of baby Jesus the son of God who is our Lord and Savior. Please do not be afraid asking yourself how to get there, God has already prepared the way (He is the Way) for us. All we must do is not to be afraid, because our prayers have been heard.

In today’s story (God’s Story), God will surprise Zachariah by sending the angel Gabriel to speak to him at the most unexpected time and place to give God’s promise of giving to Zachariah a son (John). The fear and nervousness that the priest Zachariah will experience will make him doubt the promise that God is giving him through his Angel. This will cost him to lose the ability to speak until the day that all this thing take place. One of the very important things about it here is the revelation that the angel made to Zacharias. "Don't be afraid Zachariah, because your prayer has been heard."