Mary's Song of Justice & Joy (9AM)

Dec 12, 2021    Curt McFarland

At the heart of the Christmas story is a re-working and re-defining of power, privilege, and priorities. God did not take the expected route of power. Instead, He chose a poor, common, unmarried girl named Mary to give birth to the world’s Savior. Jesus’ supposed father was a day laborer. Even His country, the nation of Israel, was powerless, having been beaten, overrun, humiliated, and subjugated, by Rome.

God did not take the typical route of privilege. He did not reserve the palace for His arrival as king. Instead, a stable, likely filled with animals, and odd smells, served as the delivery room. The new parents paid the poor man’s fee when their son Jesus was dedicated in the Temple.

God upended the priorities of that day, our day too. He did not come into this world to raise an army and claim a throne. He did not seek financial gain. He did not respond to flattery. Instead, He came to serve and save those who had rejected Him. His priorities were always people, relationships, love not fame, fortune, and applause. In the Christmas story we discover we do not need power or privilege. Love is enough. When we understand that our priorities change.

God’s way is the way of Joy. Mary filled with the Holy Spirit of God could not contain her joy and amazement. She broke into song …
“My Soul magnifies the Lord … He has looked on the humble estate of His servant … He has scattered the proud … brought down the mighty … sent away the rich hungry …”

Mary’s heart and mind were so full of Joy that she, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, reminded us in today's Bible passage of God’s priorities which led Him to the cross. It led Him to us.
That’s why Mary sang. That’s why here at Grace we sing too.