The Birth of John the Baptist (9AM)

Dec 19, 2021    Dennis Whitcher

As kids we can't wait for Christmas to arrive. As adults, it rushes up on us. God planned Christmas a long time ago, and for a very special reason. When Zechariah finally found his tongue, he sang a song of praise that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Last week we looked at Mary’s song, called “The Magnificat,” which she sang after her elder cousin Elizabeth acknowledged the Savior in her womb. Today we will look at Zechariah’s song, called, “The Benedictus,” which is Latin for “praise be.” Zechariah was Elizabeth’s husband. God would give the two of them in their golden years a miracle baby, John the Baptist.

I can’t imagine how proud and how excited John the Baptist’s parents were. I would think that the moment that Zechariah was able to talk that he would want to brag on his own son. But the reality is that he actually brags on God first. All of those nine months of silence, pondering the mercy of God, erupted in an overflow of praise to God. And Zechariah’s song of praise highlights some of the most massive categorical truths about God’s mercy and love.