Don't Turn Back (11AM)

Apr 25, 2021    Curt McFarland    John 21:15-19

This morning we continue with the post-Easter (resurrection) stories of Jesus. On this occasion Jesus met seven of His closest followers on the shore of Lake Tiberius (also known as Lake Galilee). In the background fish were cooking over a charcoal fire. This was the “breakfast encounter.”

How amazing is it, after the life-changing event of Easter, that Jesus took time to have breakfast with friends (He even provided the main course for the meal). In the aftermath of the greatest of all miracles (THE earth shattering, history altering, life conquering death miracle) that first Easter morning you might imagine Jesus had important people to see, important things to do, a world of hurting and broken people to heal and save. Once again we see God’s heart. While all of human history pivots on what happens that first Easter, Jesus took time to eat breakfast with a group of friends. His relationship with them, and His relationship with us, were and are top priorities. They were, we are, on God’s heart. He sought them out. He seeks us out. He provided for them. He provides for us.

And, in this story, He will patiently, and with a generous dose of love, restore a broken man, a failed ministry, a fragile life. Jesus did that for each of them on the shore of that lake. He does the same for each of us right now and right here. He’s calling … Breakfast is ready!

Where and how are we (you) encountering Jesus in the weeks, months, and years after Easter?