Redefining Power (11am)

Mar 28, 2021    Curt McFarland    Luke 19:28-48

This week, which we call Holy Week, is unlike any other. From the very beginning of His story Jesus has baffled us, challenged us, exposed us, loved us. What are we to make of Him? More importantly, what will He make of us? How we understand Him as He rides into this week, as we see Him redefine power, love, death, and life itself, sets us on a path that either draws us closer to God, or farther away. Each step He takes is intentional. Each act of love unstoppable. Each action and each word an invitation. From the beginning of this week to the start of the next there will be huge swings: from hopeful to hopeless and then Hope reborn, from adoration to hate and then Love reborn, from life to death and then Life reborn. Together, here at Grace, we are learning what it means to hold on, and hang on, to this Jesus!