Christ Is Risen! (11am)

Apr 4, 2021    Bill Williamson, Alex Rule, Curt McFarland    John 20:1-22

“Christ is Risen!” “He is Risen Indeed!” For centuries, on Easter morning, Christians worldwide have greeted one another with those words. This Sunday we will once again greet one another with those same words. We do so because it is what we BELIEVE. We believe that God raised Christ from the dead.

This Sunday we also beginning a new sermon series: BELIEVE!

Following the Resurrection of Christ, the disciples, the early church, and Christians throughout history, have stood firm upon the conviction of what they knew to be true. Many have had to face persecution for what they believe, and still stand firm in their conviction and faith that Jesus Christ died and rose again, knowing that one day Christ is going to return. It is no different for us today. As those who not only follow Christ, but who also proclaim the name of Christ above all names, we too face a very antagonistic and hostile culture. Our hope is in Christ. Our faith is in the Resurrection.

This Sunday and throughout the rest of April we look at chapters 20 and 21 of John’s Gospel, as we profess and proclaim that we BELIEVE!