Proof In Trees & Houses (11AM)

Apr 3, 2022    Curt McFarland

As we continue on our journey to Easter we encounter two teachings of Jesus that reinforce important truths about the interior life of a Christian. In both Jesus uses earthy, common, easy to understand language. In the first Jesus uses the illustration of a tree producing fruit. In the second He uses the image of a house being built.

Someone unfamiliar with the structure of a tree, someone unschooled in the development of a house, might make the mistake of thinking that what can be seen on the outside is the measure of the health and soundness of both. If the fruit on the branch looks good … if the paint on the walls looks good … but to those who know something about trees and houses it is clear that appearances can be deceiving.

The old joke, “What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm.”

Good looking apples can be rotten on the inside. A beautiful looking house may have hidden fatal flaws. It’s difficult, possible but difficult, to miss Jesus’ point. The most significant aspect of a house is a good solid foundation. The critical aspect of a fruit tree is its roots and inner structure. In a human life too. The question is, as we build our lives what do we spend most of our time on? Do we focus painting around the windows or do we invest in a good foundation? Do we polish the exterior of the apple or do we make sure our roots are grounded in the right kind of soil? Great teachings from God Himself, with eternal consequences.