Meeting The Risen Jesus On The Road (9AM) Easter

Apr 17, 2022    Curt McFarland

It’s Easter morning!

This day celebrates the high point of our life and faith. Because of what took place that first Easter we live with a new confidence, a new and certain hope, a new and present power. All of the claims of Christian faith depend on the miraculous, supernatural reality of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Thursday’s betrayal, and Thursday’s garden prayer play an important part. His sham of a trial Thursday night, continuing into Friday morning, plays an important part. His brutal torture, His unjust condemnation, His journey to the place of His execution, all tell important parts of the story. His death and final cry “It is finished,” reveal the lengths God was willing to go to find us and save us.

But it is Easter morning, the empty tomb, Jesus alive, that provides the substance for all we believe. The resurrection of Jesus changes how we view Him, how we understand God, how we make sense of our life and death and eternity, and how we love others as we follow our risen Savior. He is so much more than a moral teacher, a prophet, a Holy one … He is our promised Redeemer, He is Emmanuel, God with us!