Fears, Doubts, and Broiled Fish (11AM)

Apr 24, 2022    Curt McFarland

Easter Sunday began with an empty tomb and a question from Mary, “Where have you taken His body?”

And then everything changed. Mary came face to face with Jesus, alive again (John 20:11-16). The women who were the first to visit the empty tomb saw angels who told them that Jesus was not dead but alive (Luke 24:1-9). Two traveling on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus walked with the risen Jesus, talked with Him, listened to Him, ate with Him, (only at the very end, as Jesus blessed and broke bread for them, did they recognize Him) and then Jesus vanished (Luke 24:13-35).

Luke tells us that Jesus appeared to Peter (Luke 24:34), we don’t have the details of that anywhere else. And now it is evening that first Easter.

What happened next confirmed everything about Jesus’ resurrection.

As the eleven closest to Jesus, His disciples, gathered that night, others were with them too, Jesus suddenly appeared. No gentle knock at the door, a dramatic appearance. Those there were terrified. Jesus spoke words of peace and then offered proof, “touch me and see.” He showed them His hands and feet as evidence that He was not a disembodied spirit but real flesh and bones, a physical body risen from the dead. As added proof He ate a piece of broiled fish in front of them.

He lives eternally in the flesh … and so shall we. Eternity will be glorious, light, love, filled with adventure, flesh and bones, new and renewed relationships, and the presence of One who loves us, One who died for us and rose again, One we will be able to touch and see.