Enemies And Judgment (9AM)

Mar 27, 2022    Curt McFarland

As we move farther into the teachings of Jesus, if we are truly listening to what He is saying, our level of discomfort grows. From blessings for the poor to blessings for those who are hated and reviled to an actual command to love those who want to harm and destroy us. There are several "woes" thrown in along the way too, like, "Woe to you, when people speak well of you..."

I thought we wanted others to speak well of us. I thought the goal was to work hard so we weren't poor. I thought we could keep those who hated us at a safe distance, returning hate for hate.

Apparently, that was not, and is not, Jesus' way. Jesus did not come to direct us to the comfortable path. The Christian way is not easy or trouble-free. What Jesus commands is not simple. Jesus took the challenges of everyday life seriously. He took us seriously too. Jesus came to bring us life, truth, Himself. As He teaches He patiently helps us understand God, understand life, understand ourselves and each and every one of our relationships. Jesus invites us to a life that is beautiful, truthful, and real. And now the easy stuff... "Love your enemies."