The Value of Knowing Christ 11am

Jul 23, 2023    Curt McFarland

“If someone wanted to get to know you, how would you describe yourself? If you are like me, I usually recite a litany of my family history, where I’ve come from, my schooling, my occupation, what I’ve accomplished, things I enjoy and may be good at. But does that information provide an adequate picture of who I really am?

The writer of this letter to the Philippian Christians, Paul, spent a good portion of chapter 3 describing who he was. In the process he laid out his credentials. Religiously, his background and accomplishments were impressive. His purpose … to highlight that even if a person has the best of all possible resumes they fall short when it comes to their relationship with God, and what they need most in life. We may win awards and the applause of the crowd, others may be amazed by our titles and successes, but compared to Jesus all we hope will impress others counts for NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Our value, our relationship with God, depends completely on Jesus, and what He offers us. When we understand this it is really good, great, news!”