"To Live is Christ" 11am

Jul 9, 2023    Dennis Whitcher

This Sunday we take a break from our study in Genesis and begin a five-week series on the book of Philippians. Philippians radiates with joy in the Lord. Philippians is often known as the “Epistle of Joy” because of Paul's attitude in prison. Rejoicing in every circumstance and finding joy amidst trials is a major theme.

A main reason for the epistle was to acknowledge a gift of money from the church at Philippi, brought to the apostle by Epaphroditus, one of its members. Paul also addressed other issues in the church at Philippi. This is a tender letter to a group of Christians who were especially close to the heart of Paul. It was written about thirty years after Christ’s ascension and about ten years after Paul first preached at Philippi.