Unexpected Reversals 9AM

Jul 16, 2023    Curt McFarland

There are certain chapters in a book, scenes in a movie, lines in a poem or a song, that capture the larger picture, the meaning of the whole. The second chapter of Philippians does just that.

From the earliest years of the Christian church this chapter contained a section (verses 5-11) that many believe was an early hymn sung, or early creed recited, by those who gathered to worship Jesus. These verses summarized their understanding of who Jesus was, and what Jesus had done. That understanding caused unexpected and lasting reversals in their lives. How could it not …He was One with God in heavenly splendor and yet gave all that up, became like one of us, suffered horribly, died on a Roman cross, did so out of obedience to the will and plan of God, and then was exalted again, receiving the praise, adoration, and acknowledgement of all.

Paul, a prisoner when he wrote this letter, moved, in each chapter, from one grand theme to another. As if to say… here’s who God is and how God loves us, now here’s how we respond to what He’s done.