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In the past, the mission team of Grace of Christ compiled a list of back-to-school wish list items to support the students at Adams Elementary. This year, however, the Mission Ministry Team is asking for "love offering" that will be used throughout the entire school-year to purchase needed supplies and provide funding for various activities such as Teacher Appreciation.

Simply enter the amount, select one-time (or recurring), then hit next to enter your card information. Simple.

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Adams elementary

Grace of Christ is committed to sharing Drops of Grace with the students and staff of Adams Elementary School through a variety of events such as Outreach Camp, Christmas Giving Tree, Reading Mentors, School Supply Drive and Teacher Appreciation

Mi Pueblito project

The Mi Pueblito project provides a village-like atmosphere in Southeast Yakima that is centered on Jesus Christ, where families come together to get to know each other and build trusting relationships.

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