Officer nominations for 2022

The Leadership of Grace of Christ consists of Covenant Partners who willingly give of their time, talent and treasure. The 2021 Nominating Committee has prayerfully entered into a season of listening to God for those He is calling into the leadership of Grace of Christ Church as Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee members beginning in 2022. A brief explanation of the duties and responsibilities for these offices is below.
Elders are given authority and responsibility, along with pastors, to oversee the spiritual health of the congregation as well as the church's faithfulness to God's mission.  Elders serve on at least one of eight Ministry Teams. Elders attend scheduled Session meetings on the fourth Tuesday of every month and special meetings as may be called during the year.  Elders serve for three years starting January 1.  They may serve an additional consecutive three-year term.

Deacons shepherd and care for the church. Deacons serve on at least one ministry team ie: Communion, Funeral Hospitality, Union Gospel Mission. Attend regularly scheduled Board of Deacon meetings on the third Sunday at 12:30pm. Make hospital visitations when assigned and when needed. Be a caregiver and helpmate to assigned Home Care Parishioners once per month and provide communion when requested. They serve for two years and may serve additional terms.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee prayerfully and diligently seeks qualified leaders in our congregation to serve as Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee members. Demonstrates servant leadership. Invite and interview candidates for willingness and ability to serve. Attend committee meetings as called by the chairperson. Committee members will start serving January 1 .