We Serve Best Together In Mission (9AM)

Oct 23, 2022    Alex Rule

Many of us have learned as children to love God, to be grateful, to ask for things before taking them, to say please and thank you, as well as to respect and serve people, and to have compassion and be generous with others in need.

Paul is comforted that the Corinthians wanted to reform their lives and ways. He is please not only because of their good resolve but also because of their good actions by which they were correcting their former practice he even said that after he had boasted about the Corinthians to Titus, they had not let him down. Paul offered the Macedonians the highest praise, for even in the poverty they give generously of what they have. They wanted to offer even more than their strength allow by giving themselves wholly to God first, and then to their fellow believers with exceptional generosity of their own free will, with this the Macedonians demonstrated their sincere desire to receive a spirit gift. Paul sent Titus to the Corinthians to encourage them to imitate the Macedonians.