We Pray Best Together (11AM)

Oct 16, 2022    Dennis Whitcher

Believers should make time for corporate prayer especially when the church gathers. There is tremendous power in corporate prayer; God meets with us in a special way when we participate in it. Even the Lord's Prayer implies our need to pray corporately. It says, "Give 'us' our daily bread. Forgive 'us' our debts..."

We are in the fifth week of our seven-week sermon series “Why Church?” taking seriously the question, why do I need to go to church to pray? It is common to hear from someone that they can "pray better" when they are enjoying nature or from the comfort of their easy chair rather than in church.

This Sunday we will look at why Christians, from the early church to today, in every time and place, pray together? In part, because heartfelt prayer requires fresh glimpses of God, and we know how little we see by ourselves. We want to take in and experience more of Jesus than we would ever see on our own. We want to kindle our adoration before God through the eyes of others.

Church is the place where believers can love one another, encourage one another, “spur” one another to love and good works, serve one another, instruct one another, honor one another, to be kind and compassionate to one another, and pray for one another and others