Walk 11am

Sep 24, 2023    Curt McFarland

This is our second week in a four-week Fall series focused on one of the more challenging, guilt-creating, fear-inducing, subjects Christians (I speak on behalf of many Presbyterians) talk about (or don’t) … evangelism (how we share the good news of Jesus with others).

When we understand that Christians do not take the evangelistic lead, the Holy Spirit does … it changes everything about how we share our faith. If the Holy Spirit guides us, prompts us, gives us the words to speak, prepares the person in advance for the conversation we’ll have, and is responsible for the result (not us) why would we be afraid? Instead, we begin to look forward to these conversations, eager for what God will do.

Our responsibility: listen to the Holy Spirit and then walk across the room. We find renewed confidence, and growing excitement, as God’s kingdom grows one person at a time, each life eternally changed, and we, by God’s invitation, play a part in that. Let’s walk across rooms, streets, Garden Rooms, together.