Our Role 11am

Oct 1, 2023    Curt McFarland

I can be so impatient. I want quick answers, quick results, quick fixes. This isn’t just with things … it’s with challenges in my life. I look for a shortcut to fix a health issue, a financial issue, a quirk in my personality, a relationship I’m in, a spiritual need I have. And I’m not much better with others. Someone shares a problem they’re facing and I think up a fast acting three-step solution.

It's become increasingly clear to me, God has patiently emphasized, that people are more complicated than cars, computers, or cats (I was searching for a third “c”). When I’m given the privilege of talking with someone about a problem, they’re struggling with I need to 1) pray, 2) trust that God is, and will be, the source of any lasting change, 3) recognize my contribution may be one piece in a much larger process. 

This morning is the third of four Sunday teachings on evangelism. Do we listen to the Holy Spirit, and then do what He asks us to do, even if it isn’t the biggest, or (in our eyes) the most important aspect of the work God is doing in someone’s life? More and more … I hope I do, you too. I want to grow in patience, in my trust of God, in grace. We listen to the Holy Spirit, Walk Across the Room, enter the adventure.