The Rich Man & Lazarus (11AM)

Nov 27, 2022    Alex Rule

This Sunday is the first of Advent, it is HOPE, it is the waiting time for the coming of Jesus our Lord. It is the great moment that changed the history of human beings, children of God. Jesus being rich became man and poor; He came to the world to save His people from eternal death. In today's passage we will learn the story of a rich man with no name and a poor man with a name. The two lived different lives on earth but before they died there was HOPE of an opportunity for the two to truly know each other and through this relationship to know the love of God, their true Creator and the purpose for their lives. Lazarus about to die asked for mercy from the rich man which he never showed to him. The rich man continued to live a life full of good food, luxuries and comforts; he was defined by his material possessions here on hearth and did not accumulate treasures in heaven. Lazarus, the poor man, was waiting for his death as a gift to go on to eternal life to live forever with God his Father.