You Are Worthy 10AM

Dec 25, 2022    Dennis Whitcher

The title of our Advent sermon series this year was "Till He Appeared and the Soul Felt its Worth." This phrase is found in the beautiful Christmas Hymn, "O Holy Night."


Our soul is where our emotions come from. It seeks to be valued and to have a sense of belonging. We can never understand our worth until we accept Jesus’ coming into our lives. That is only when our lives have true meaning and the vacuum in our soul is filled. 


More than 2,000 years ago, God sent His Son into our messy world, a beautiful world that had been created for us, that man had corrupted, so that we might know our worth. So this baby, this tiny baby, born in such humble circumstances, so many years ago, it is He who gives our souls their worth. I can't help but wonder at this. How beautiful is God's grace?


He gave His precious Son to us, letting us see just a glimpse of His love for us. For those of us who have experienced the overwhelming love of God, He wants us to let others see His love through us. There is no better time to express this than Christmas, but we can do this all through the year actually. So let’s make an effort to reach out to someone so that they will encounter Christ through us this year. Let’s not be a hindrance preventing others from seeing the love of Christ. As they experience this love who is Christ, their souls will also know their worth.