A Prayer For Help (9AM)

Aug 29, 2021    Curt McFarland

I’ve often heard people discount the honesty of a prayer uttered in desperation, a foxhole prayer. And yet, is it possible that just such a prayer may be the most honest of all prayers? In a moment of hopelessness, when we have nowhere else we can possibly turn, the reality of our situation and our deepest sense of what we believe is revealed. No posturing. No negotiation. Few attempts to save face. We find ourselves hanging in the balance between life and death without the luxury, the comfort, of keeping what we believe about God at a comfortable philosophical distance. The crisis we are in demands immediate action. We need help!

In this morning’s passage a strange miracle takes place … Jesus walking across the water. The water is deep, the boat is struggling against the wind, those in the boat (many accomplished fishermen) sense the growing danger. And then they see Him, un-boated, walking towards them. They panic. A ghost! He has to reassure them. And then good, impulsive, passionate Peter asks a daring question and responds boldly. He steps out of the boat! For a moment all seems fine. Suddenly, the wind, the waves, the noise, the craziness of what he’s done sinks in, and so does he. There is a cry for help, a strong hand, a beautiful rescue.

As we spend time in this incredible and true story may we find courage to cry out for help when we are in a desperate place, and a greater confidence in the One we cry out to.