Prayer of Confession (11AM)

Aug 22, 2021    Curt McFarland

This morning, in our summer sermon series focused on prayer, we turn to Psalm 51. Each of the 150 Psalms consist of heartfelt, honest, direct, conversations with God. These conversations are songs and prayers of: praise (last week's Psalm 103), remembrance (Psalm 42), urgent request (Psalm 22), sorrow (Psalm 88), confession (Psalm 38). Our Psalm this morning is a prayer of confession. Psalms of confession, asking God for forgiveness, are raw and real. If we are honest when we confess our faults and sins to God we hold nothing back. Our struggles, selfishness, pain, and guilt, are exposed. There is no where to hide. Confession is not negotiation. It is not blaming others. Confession is utter brokenness, taking full responsibility, begging for mercy. When we do … the unexpected happens ... we experience the amazing grace and mercy of our good heavenly Father.