The Prayer of a King (9AM)

Sep 5, 2021    Curt McFarland, Alex Rule

This morning brings us to a conclusion in our summer sermon series on prayer titled, “Lord, Teach Us to Pray.” Throughout this series we have asked the questions, “What is prayer? And How do we pray?” Prayer is both simple and profound. Prayer is conversation with our heavenly Father. Length of prayer and eloquence is not the priority, instead honesty spoken for the heart is. Prayer does not require special training or a degree, it is, and always has been, an amateur event. We pray because we trust the lovingkindness and steadfast love of God.
Our prayer this morning is from 1 Kings chapter 8. Solomon, the son of King David, built the temple in Jerusalem. At the dedication ceremony Solomon offered a public prayer. The prayer is beautiful, expansive, pleading, and an affirmation of God’s commitment to His people. In this prayer Solomon remembers the promises of God and God’s desire for His people to love, serve, and welcome others (even foreigners). In our prayers may we recall the goodness of God and the opportunities we have at Grace to love, serve and welcome all in His name.