god at work in our lives

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; 
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  
Psalm 46.10

october 31

  • So thankful for all I can still do. He is my refuge and rock.
  • My daughter, granddaughter and, myself are the only family we have and we live together in Moxee. Both Raina, my daughter, and Selene, my granddaughter, have cognitive disabilities. I think God is using this time to draw my daughter back to Himself and to strengthen my granddaughter spiritually. Also, I believe Raina and Selene desperately need to become part of the church family at Grace please pray for God to lead them into becoming an integral part of Grace of Christ.

october 9

  • Challenging me to rethink what it means to be the church. Listening for God's guidance through sermons, study and prayer.

September 18

  • God is always working in my life. I depend on Him every day.

June 20

  • I think the past three years are all coming to some conclusion - I have struggle with fear for so long, COVID has brought so many things to light that I had been trying to put Band-Aids on. What is God up to? I need to surrender all to Jesus and quit trying to do it on my on. I can't!
  • We believe our prayers are being heard by God and he has a plan for healing.

may 16

  • He indeed is my refuge. He holds my right hand.
  • Yes I have very much

may 2

  • Beauty all around us. Lovely blue bird likes our yard.

april 25

  • I am reminded of how good God has been to me, how kind.

april 4

  • He has provided for our needs through loving friends.
  • Comforting perspective as the Holy Spirit reminds us of our blessings. Abounding gratitude.

March 21

  • Yes, prayers are being answered----giving us strength, wisdom, and peace

february 28

  • Healing
  • Yes, Bible study with my mom and sisters via zoom about god's trustworthiness

february 7

  • Appreciate being well cared for and prayed for by my church family
  • God is showing me that even with my illness there are blessings coming out of pain.

January 31

  • He has provided with family and friends love and support and helping me see his many blessings
  • When I draw near to Him, He is there. I am enjoying time in His Word each day.

january 17

  • The call to repentance came at just the right time. Was reminded of my own selfish nature just last night.

january 10

  • He gives me joy in Him in spite of physical difficulties
  • Having rheumatoid arthritis has helped me empathize with people who are dealing with a lot of pain. Having to retire has given me time now to serve Jesus in new ways.

december 19

  • Since I have retired I am focusing on spreading kindness to people that I meet or know. God has been really blessing me every week in some way.
  • Feeling His joy, especially this Christmas

November 28

  • Yes, He is working in my life everyday!
  • He is with us every day

October 25

  • Returning health to family members.

October 11

  • He has given me so much. So thankful for walks in the park with Rich, for friends in our small group, for clean clear air to breathe. Thankful for our children and grands and one great grand and health. Thankful for the scripture promises, the Spirit who guides, On and on.

September 27

  • The LORD provides! Thank you for stirring hearts to responding with help when asked to serve.

August 23

  • His truths are enduring. He is speaking to me through the scriptures.

August 9

  • Yes he is filling me with more of himself as I become obedient to take more time with him and not the busyness of life.

August 2

  • A lot of answered prayer

July 26

  • Blessed by our small group study of Timothy Keller's book The Reason for God.
  • He is encouraging me to wait upon Him and to worship Him in the midst of confusion and questions.

July 19

  • God has been working miracles for me and opening my eyes to the bigger picture of what needs to be done by me.

July 12

  • Continued blessings bags of abundance!!
  • Bringing Christian messages from various sources that give hope and encouragement.

July 5

  • I have become more patient at home
  • God Bless you all. Thank you for a moving, wonderful service.
  • As a steadfast provider

June 28

  • Praising Him for His faithfulness, compassion, and sacrifice.
  • The skilled hands of my surgeon and healing hands and patience of the nurses.

June 21

  • Bless the name of the LORD! His patience, mercies, and kindness continue humble and encourage me to stay the course of discipleship and love.
  • We are so blessed to be able to sing in the choir again.
  • He is my refuge and hope.

May 16

  • He has answered a lot of prayers in down times as well as now.

April 19

  • Through and in my struggles, God is drawing me closer to Him. He is showing me that I'm never alone, that He is with me and for me.
  • God is always provides for our needs in every domain, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, in every season and places of life. We are so grateful!

April 12

  • Signs of the beauty of relationships around me, even as my marriage ends.
  • I was reminded during this service how much God has met me in the past and shown Himself to be merciful beyond measure and kind to me when I did not deserve it. I was reminded of the reasons why I do believe.

march 28

  • Peace during difficult times at work
  • So many blessings!

february 21

  • The weekly sermons have been a wonderful motivation to us!
  • He has had Christians who are praying for us.

february 14

  • We’ve seen God at work in our lives by keeping us well and safe.
  • In the past 60 years, this is the very thing, as in most marriages, that works.

february 5

  • I have seen God at work in my life as he encourages e to wait for His timing and remember that He is sovereign.
  • Daily God displays His goodness and reminds me of His faithfulness and mercies. I am richly blessed beyond measure!

January 31

  • God has been faithful to me as I listen to the sermons and read His word for greater understanding.

January 24

  • He has been my go to lifeline.
  • It has been nice to have a friend come to help with my husband, so I can work.

January 17

  • God has kept us safe and provided for our needs.
  • Answering my prayers in spite of obstacles.

January 3

  • He has guided me in my job to take a new way. And blessed me with peace and rest.
  • This tough time has prompted me to spend more time learning about Jesus.
  • I am more accepting of problems without getting so upset. I know they will soon be yesterday's news.
  • So thankful that God never leaves or forsakes us.

december 27

  • He has led me to listen to many good men with messages of faith and hope.
  • We’ve seen God at work in our lives through his provision and our good health.

december 13

  • He blessed me with a life group, drew me close to Him.

december 6

  • We have seen God at work in our lives through healing, forgiveness, hope and love.
  • I am thankful for times of reading God’s word with another sister in Christ and learning more about Jesus’ life.
  • God has given us time to enjoy small pleasures that usually get lost in busy life.
  • God is at work in my life through the body of Christ, Grace of Christ.
  • Prayer helps ground me when I get frustrated with this challenge in our life.

November 29

  • I see God at work in my life through prayer, which helps ground me when I get frustrated with this challenge in our life.
  • Hearts are changing!

November 15

  • We have seen God at work in our lives through giving of self (being vulnerable and prayerful) and trying to spread the message of grace through the practice of loving one another.
  • God was at work in the blessing I was able to offer my great-grandson Lincoln yesterday.

November 8

  • I saw God at work in my life during the election – knowing he is in charge, I did not get stressed.

November 1

  • We’ve been seeing God at work in our neighborhood. The needs up and down my block are amazing. Neighbors are sharing in ways that they've never done previously. An odd spin off from this pandemic time. Kindnesses abound . . . .isn't that wonderful?
  • We have to trust God with our daily living more and more. It's scary but it's a good thing too.
  • God has been teaching me patience during a months-long medical issue.
  • We’ve seen God at work through the beauty of creation, new great grandchild coming very soon, and so many blessings.
  • Reminding me to rely on the Holy Spirit with Greatly increased frequency.

October 25

  • Lately, God has brought people into my life that are all alone. I think that it is my job to reach out to them by phone or mail to let them know that people are thinking about them and care about them.
  • Reminding me to rely on the Holy Spirit with Greatly increased frequency.
  • I think that one lesson God has shown us as a people is to live a simple life and appreciate what we have because it might not be there tomorrow. Also, I have spent much of this year observing birds at my house and when I am out walking. You can learn a lot about life by watching the birds.

October 18

  • I see God at work in my life as I am able to continually reach out to people who are alone. I can encourage them and help them feel less lonely.

October 11

  • I was reading Philippians 4:6-7 the other day. There is so much to be anxious about these days; this verse really helped me to relax and give me peace of mind.
  • God called me to join a Community Life Group.
  • God is reminding me I need to rely on faith and not give in to fear.
  • I have a great group of therapists at work who know the Lord.
  • I see God at work through the caregivers at my dad’s place is so touching. They respect and honor the residents, caring for and speaking to each person individually. I’m so thankful dad is in a good place.  

sept 13

  • God is teaching me who I am and who I need to be during this time when my work has been taken away and with it my identity. I need to deepen my faith and develop a spirit of thanksgiving.
  • God continues to bless us in lovely, unexpected ways.
  • God is near to me. I sense him and feel closer to him. Thankful for the prayer walks at Adams. It’s been a sweet time listening to God with my friends and sharing his love with the neighbors.
  • God has been at work in our lives in the healing of G’s leg and spine with injection on August 18.
  • We are aware of the growth that is taking place in each of us individually and in our marriage through regular devotional time together, prayer, and our independent daily Bible reading. His Word is powerful!
  • We are living debt free and graceful for God’s provision and abundance!
  • Through visiting with Tom Olivia and John & Sue Stolzenbach - Thank you! What a blessing they are in my life.
  • I’ve seen God in my workplace, showing me more Christians at work.

sept 6

  • I have seen God at work in our time of sheltering at home as Jake and I pray and minister together. I am eternally grateful, especially as we go deeper with one another in our family times together.
  • Realizing the people who cross our paths who love the Lord. We have Christian friends with whom we can share our deepest thoughts while honoring our Lord.
  • Because I've been 'severed' from so many of my pre-pandemic activities, I think I'm far more aware of all that He is doing for me each day. I think and pray that I'm more in tune with his gentle nudges.
  • His provision n goodness especially when I give it all to him and not figure it out myself!
  • His word each week helps with dealing what comes our way. Timely sermons.
  • I see God at work in my life through my friend who meets with me weekly, encourages me and listens to me.I have seen God at work in our time of sheltering at home as Jake and I pray and minister together. I am eternally grateful, especially as we go deeper with one another in our family times together.
  • Realizing the people who cross our paths who love the Lord. We have Christian friends with whom we can share our deepest thoughts while honoring our Lord.
  • Because I've been 'severed' from so many of my pre-pandemic activities, I think I'm far more aware of all that He is doing for me each day. I think and pray that I'm more in tune with his gentle nudges.
  • His provision n goodness especially when I give it all to him and not figure it out myself!
  • His word each week helps with dealing what comes our way. Timely sermons.
  • I see God at work in my life through my friend who meets with me weekly, encourages me and listens to me.

august 31

  • God is working so much in my life! He is giving me strength to do my physical therapy every day and making great progress with it.
  • We continue to stay well and virus-free!
  • I have seen God at work in my life as I go through a difficult situation.
  • God is ever faithful!
  • God is at work giving me hope, strength, and reminding me he is the Great I Am.

august 24

  • We’ve experienced God through his healing and strength.
  • God has answered prayer for smooth transition of 2 friends.
  • We continue to be abundantly blessed and are thankful for all that God has given us.
  • God keeps helping me cope with stressful situations showing me He is my strength.
  • He reminds us of His presence when we are open to it.

august 17

  • His Word reveals His character and helps to shape ours as we read, reflect, study, and pray daily. Hallelujah! This is strengthening our marriage as well.
  • He has provided vegetables from our garden, and food from Ghormley, and spiritual food from worship.
  • God's provision continues to be plenty adequate for my needs.
  • I have Christians at work which is so strengthening and encouraging.
  • Trusting in Him during this difficult time.
  • We went to Crystal Mountain last weekend with our daughter and her family. What a blessed day. Not a cloud in the sky. Snowy Mt Rainier in the background. Thankful for family and the Lord's creation.
  • His daily grace and faithfulness.
  • This time of isolation has given me many more quiet times to spend with Him giving me greater awareness of His constant presence.

august 10

  • I am blessed when I reach out to others even when the undertones of society right now says to “distance ourselves” from one another.
  • Keeping our families and friends safe and well.
  • Daily miracles!
  • The Lord has made me slow down through this quarantine time. Having limited mobility for several weeks now everyday things are very special, especially being outside.
  • God is ever faithful and good despite our wavering at time. Though we are sometimes faithless, He remains faithful for He cannot deny who He is. (2 Tim. 2:11-13) Hallelujah!
  • God has directed us to special programs and people that have given us hope. He has been giving us more awareness of His protection.
  • God has given me soooo much peace!
  • I think God may have been on overtime during this pandemic. His presence surrounds me through all the added gifts in nature. Since I've nowhere to go, I'm seeing dragonflies, hummingbirds, unanticipated flower blossoms and vegetable gifts I might not have noticed in my formerly normal life. Praise Him in all things.

august 2

  • God is reminding me to ask for the Holy Spirit’s power to love the hard to love people.
  • The Lord continues to bless my family.
  • God has continued to be my protection and He is opening doors for me to witness to my co-workers.
  • Even though we cannot be together as a church family we have been able to listen to our services while sitting out in God’s creation where we experience God’s creation while listening to God’s word. Fish jumping out of the water, loons talking to one another, a Blue Herron flying in and landing on a log and Eagles flying through the air. This has been an amazing opportunity to worship in God’s amazing creation. Thank you, Jesus for this opportunity.
  • Although Derek lost his job due to the economic downturn with the covid virus, we have been abundantly blessed with all that we need.

july 26

  • He has provided our vegetable and flower gardens to produce food and beauty, a daily blessing.
  • A special time today with my coworkers worshiping God together.
  • We live in abundance and are so blessed!!!
  • God shows me through my friend and walking buddy that grace and kindness are real!

july 19

  • Yes, in a big way. He is clarifying for me spiritual warfare vs worldly warfare. He has helped me learn to listen closer, discern and test what I hear with the Bible and trusted person
  • God has cleared my mind and I am able to get tasks completed, like make a new will and deal with all the preparation for end of life matters. There is nothing wrong with me. These were things that needed to be updated.
  • Blessed by Ali leading the middle schoolers during this time. Our daughter is having a great time!
  • I am so much more aware of His presence!
  • His protection all the time.

july 12

  • Every time I listen to the message or pray or read the word I feel hope and peace!
  • I have had to have 2 surgeries in the last 3 weeks and had concerns about healing and other matters. Just had the 2nd surgery on Friday. It appears it is healing and after this is "ridden" out all will be well. Prayers for return of stamina and removal of brain fog from anesthesia, that I continue to deeply heal. God has brought friends to the surface that I didn't know I had to help me.
  • Helping me hold my tongue and helping me recognize this battle is not an earthly one.
  • God giving us His provision, His presence in our lives, and His peace.

july 5

  • He has led us to deeper prayers, as we ask for wisdom and listening ears for His leading.
  • He is keeping us safe, comfortable, healthy, and peaceful.
  • Beauty all around us as summer starts. His word encourages us.
  • I know my mindset has been changing!

june 28

  • I’m becoming bolder and am stepping out of my comfort zone - loving those around me more with the love of Jesus!
  • God has helped me be thankful (work in progress) for a challenging work situation praying He will be glorified through it.
  • We have come to find God's peace in all of the chaos.
  • The Lord gives us hearts of gratitude as we spend time daily in His Word. We are continually grateful for His kindness made manifest in health, well-being, and provision, towards us and our extended family. He is our hope and confidence.
  • I see God at work constantly, through all sorts of little miracles….butterflies, humming birds, plants blooming and bearing fruits. Each day is a gift to be savored.
  • God has provided so many ways to connect with loved ones and friends.
  • He has provided through others generosity.

june 21

  • We have more time enjoying the Lord's creation and quiet time with Him.
  • God answers prayer!
  • He is making me think a lot.  I look forward to the future.
  • Thought about all the men in the church who have been so kind to me (like father).
  • God is energizing our marriage - our friendship is being refreshed!

june 14

  • I have developed in patience. I believe things will be better in the world in the future.
  • We live in a beautiful place on the Yakima River with all the wildlife, we and see and enjoy, where spatial distancing is important only when we go to town. We think often of those many who are really cooped up. We have had some visitors sit with us along side of the river. These are special times.
  • Kind conviction.
  • Yes, a knowing that he has this virus under his control! Thank you, Lord!
  • I had an hour-long video call this morning with my former student and her family on the East Coast - What a blessing!  My neighbors help...okay, I helped them, build Faith and I a new fence that had blown down in the windstorm from 2 weeks ago. One neighbor took me to the dump with the old fence. Another took me to Home Depot and helped build. Another neighbor helped me pour concrete for the posts. Wow!
  • In this time of transition to ??? it's clear that I've been guilty of taking so many of God's generous blessings for granted. I think he may be teaching me to realize his glory in myriads of new ways. Because of this time of quiet, I'm seeing so many old things through new eyes. Praise the Lord!
  • I am encouraged to be still and listen. I am learning to dig deeper. I am wanting to walker closer and to serve Him more fully.

june 7

  • I have had more time to talk to Him while working in the yard.
  • Good health
  • Reminding me He is creator of the entire universe and He is in control.
  • He is calling me to a deeper place with him! Setting me free from some bondages!
  • Sheltering in His peace
  • I’ve had the sweetest times of prayer. The other night the Lord led me through inner healing and gave me some very powerful images and words. He is at work in each of us! Amen!
  • Answered prayer.
  • Peace of Christ for our souls.

MAy 31

  • Keeping fear at bay by daily devotions & prayer.
  • The Lord is bringing Jake and I into unity to pray together like we have not experienced. He is allowing us conversations that are deepening our relationship. He is using this time for us to come together and appreciate our differences and our unique personalities. I am so grateful.
  • Giving me rest, patience, peace. Reminding me my life is not for myself but His glory.
  • God has been teaching me that loving others unconditionally has such sweet fruit – it is not easy for me, I tend to rebel, but when I let God work – forgiveness comes more freely, peace more immediately and I am reminded that God’s grace is unending.
  • Helping me see that when I said, "I just don't have time to get everything done," "Everything" probably wasn't a priority! ☺️
  • Drawing me nearer to Him. My job is to live by faith, waiting on Him, trusting His timing. Habakkuk 2:4
  • God is using the messages and scriptures to inspire me to look and listen and move closer to Him. It is awesome.
  • This week the Lord has shown me that even though I feel young at heart, I am getting old now and have to take more precautions with my health.

MAy 24

  • I have been able to help my older family members who are disabled through phone calls and the internet.
  • He is showing and helping me to a deeper relationship with Him where I am surrendering more of myself to Him.
  • We are out in His creation to be aware of how amazing He is, the ultimate artist.
  • That He is teaching me to rely and ‘wait’ upon Him for all things. Not myself.
  • I'm still able to work at the Mission with no additional COVID cases.
  • He has guided and encouraged me to complete a book on a segment of my life that needed to be documented.
  • Of course. He is leading all the way!
  • I'm using web time and access to explore my family genealogy...lots of fun!

MAy 17

  • He has given me the desire to want to know him on a deeper level.
  • A time to reflect and listen to God more. Calming down the “fear” in these troubling days.
  • Appreciating more leisure time. Finding a new opportunity to volunteer in the community.
  • By keeping us focused on what God is doing for us in this time of such great need.
  • Always one tied to a planner and jotting the daily “things to do” – letting all of that go and focusing on what is really important.
  • I think right now, God wants me to be an encourager. He has given me the gift of time so I can work on this role.
  • Our family is staying healthy and seeing God’s presence daily.

MAy 10

  • Lots of reflection and looking at God at work in our midst.
  • More prayer time!
  • We had a chance to touch a young couples’ life, sharing our love of the Lord and the importance of prayer.
  • I’m very thankful for the online services. I really miss everyone. Have a blessed May. Hopefully, we will all be able to get together this summer.
  • I am so much More aware of His presence.
  • My prayers for others has grown immensely.
  • Pastor Bill's message really hit the nail on the head! Praying, listening...waiting...what is God calling me to in this next season of my life?
  • He is keeping us and our extended family well.
  • He is helping me see things I could change for the better.
  • Bringing our whole family closer together.
  • God is telling me this rest is a gift. Also confirming how and where I worship does not need to look like anything preset.
  • He puts on my mind for me to connect with people I haven't done so in a long time. Mostly reaching out to people who might be in a hurting place.

MAy 3

  • He is a constant in my life. Thank you, Father.
  • God has used this time as a time of personal reflection and creativity.
  • We have had God inspired opportunities to volunteer in the community which has enriched our lives. We've noticed a quieter neighborhood, less sirens and traffic. It’s been good.
  • Quiet moments, thriving in a slower paced environment, more opportunities to connect one on one with others.
  • For 4 years I have hardly seen my husband since we were working alternating shifts. Now that we have spent 2 1/2 months in quarantine where we are together all of the time it has been quite an adjustment. It's a good thing we reconnect with each other and it has strengthened our marriage.
  • Definitely drawing closer to Him even though I feel I am busier than I have been in ages.
  • Trusting more in His timing and for the health of people at the Mission who have recovered from corona virus.
  • Guidance in doing work from home on my laptop, separated from my staff.
  • I see God working in my life by making me slow down and not being to be scattered in all directions of the passions in my life. I'm thanking Him for this time of rest and reflection.
  • Softening my heart and helping me relate better to other people I’m connecting with.
  • We see God working with our staff and whole congregation, so successfully, to keep us together in this special season! Our Praise to GOD!

april 26

  • In my quiet time I'm listening to His voice more and then being more obedient to His calling!
  • After Mom passed away, I went looking for God. I tried to get involved with as many Christian organizations and activities as I could, looking for God. In very little time, I had to write out a calendar so that I wouldn't forget where I was going, looking for God. In all the activities and organizations, I found some wonderfully Godly people that blessed my life. Now that those organizations are "on hold" I've discovered that God was right here with me in the house. Every day I spend more and more time praying and worshiping God who was right here with me all along. The people at Grace of Christ has been a wonderful source to help me connect with God. Thank you for this time to spend with you Lord!
  • Like many, the epidemic has forced us to work from home and hunker down together, just the two of us. God has used this time as a healing time for our marriage. It is like a Pause has been graciously forced upon us. It is a time to reflect together and work toward candid vulnerable reconciliation.
  • He has helped me realize that all we need is Him. He is my everything.
  • I am making masks for Virginia Mason Memorial and have 12 women who are sewing and 3 women who are cutting out masks for the hospital. I am also coordinating TP for our neighborhood. Those with extra brought it to me and those in need let me know so they don’t run out. I am also picking up groceries for neighbors who can’t go to the store. Making cloth masks for family and neighbors.
  • We have had calls from church members, checking on us. I have been able to work and cheer my patients and staff, sharing God’s love.
  • God has blessed us incredibly! He is sending us business when we would think there would be no business to have!! Praise Him!
  • Getting us to focus on our blessings
  • Feeling at Peace and enjoying the rest without guilt or sense I should be doing more.
  • Safe travel back from Tucson
  • How doe'st I see thee, let me count the ways.
  • Teaching us patience.
  • Relying on Him more than usual.
  • He lives!! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! Such a blessed assurance that God is in control and is walking with us every minute of every day.
  • Reading Dutch Sheets book The beginner's guide to Intercessory Prayer has encouraged me in praying for others.
  • Keeping us healthy!
  • Nature pulls us into God's wonder. What a Creator is at work in our world.
  • Soaking in God’s word deeper; great zoom times with all our children and grandchildren around the world weekly.
  • I know He is with me.
  • I am thankful for how God has revealed himself in my marriage and in friendships. I am more aware of what He wants me to see and hear in those relationships – so my prayer time has been more precious, too!
  • I am encouraged to spend more time in His word and in prayer. I am encouraged to send notes to my Trailseeker kids and to call them. I am encouraged to call my Growth Group "girls" and others who come to mind. I am praying daily for Muslims during 30 days of Ramadan.
  • I have been blessed by so many words of encouragement, prayers over the telephone, and shining examples of fellow congregants carrying on. And I have been inspired by numerous testimonies to God's faithfulness.
  • Yes, God has been working in my life every day and sends His Spirit when it is time to talk. I am soo very thankful.
  • By the sweet phone calls from church members checking in on us, our daughter is not going totally crazy and remains thankful in the midst of not seeing her friends.
  • I am thankful for the support of friends and family. Cards with kind words of love and encouragement continue to bless me in this quiet time. God’s hands reach out through His people.
  • God is still at work in our lives.
  • He is bringing family to Him through seeing that we as an individual are not the answer. PTL