He Is Still Alive!

“He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God.” (Acts 1.3)
When I looked at my calendar this past Monday, I noticed that it said: “Easter Monday”.  I guess I hadn’t really paid attention before, or was unaware of the fact that there was such a thing.  As I investigated it, I discovered that many Christians, particularly in Canada and Australia, celebrate Easter Monday as a day of rest.  (After all that goes into putting together our Easter service last week, and every other service during this time, I’m sure my staff would like to celebrate Easter Monday every Monday)
Easter Monday makes sense to me; not as a day of rest, but as a reminder that Jesus is still alive.  There should be an Easter Monday, as well as an Easter Tuesday, Easter Wednesday, and so on, for at least forty days.  After the Resurrection, Jesus remained on earth, for 40 days.  During those 40 days Jesus appeared Himself to the disciples and others.  And yet, Matthew 28.16 says that even after He appeared to His disciples, “some doubted”.  It wasn’t just Thomas.

During this pandemic, it was an Easter unlike any other Easters.  Churches were empty.  Pope Francis gave his Easter message to an empty St. Peter’s Basilica.  Let’s not wait another year before we celebrate Easter again.  Let’s not wait until Churches and Cathedrals are once again filled.  Let’s celebrate Easter every day of the year.

A very popular story is shared at Easter about a Sunday School teacher who asked if anyone knew what Easter was all about.  One little girl said, “Easter is the time when Jesus comes out of the tomb.”  So far so good.  But, she went on to say: “And if He sees His shadow, He goes back in for 7 more weeks.”

Jesus did not go back into the tomb.  He rose, and He appeared to thousands over 40 days. He continues to appear to us as well.  He invites us to be with him, to see Him, to spend time with Him.  Don’t wait for next Easter, or even for seven more weeks.  In this time when we all feel as though we are living in a tomb, as you pray, as you read Scripture, as you take a walk, as you work in your yard, look for the risen Christ.

A missionary friend of mine, Ericka Harris, sent out an email this past week.  She reminded us that Jesus invites us all to be with Him beyond the Resurrection.  In one of the most famous post-resurrection events, Peter and some others are out fishing, as my friend says, they “ventured on a fishing boat, still reeling from the grief of their friend Jesus and confusion of an uncommon resurrection.” Then, Ericka writes, “Jesus warmly invites the fishing disciples to be with Him. The God of Grace, through Jesus, calls out to them.” Jesus invites them to have breakfast with him on the shore.  That includes Peter, the one who denied Him three times.  What an invitation and offering of grace.  Ericka then reminds us that Jesus is still inviting us today, wooing us, to be with Him, to spend time with Him, to notice Him beyond the Resurrection, especially during this pandemic.  

  • Where is Jesus inviting you to be with Him today? 
  • How does He want you to spend time with Him?  

Jesus is wooing you, inviting you.  Respond to His calling.
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