Joy Filled IN CHRIST (11AM)

Jul 18, 2021

In our summer series studying Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi (a Roman colony in the first century located at the north end of the Aegean Sea) we’ve arrived at chapter four. Paul has such genuine affection for this community of Christians, “whom I love and long for …”. Even as conflict arises Paul encourages the two women named to find common agreement in Jesus.

Many have made it their life pursuit to find the “perfect” church. They land at one church for a while but when conflict or difficulty arises they move to another. Those who look for the perfect church will always be disappointed. God’s intention for each of us, and for His Church, is that we grow in our love for Him, and our love for others. Going through conflict, working out disagreements, developing patience, learning more about grace and forgiveness, are ALL necessary ingredients for our growth and maturity. Commitment to each other is the beautiful soil that makes friendships, marriages, families, churches places where love grows.
Our common focus is Jesus … our future is secure (our names mercifully are included in His book of life!) … our life together real, genuine, challenging, difficult, wonderful, and joy-filled.

We rejoice and give thanks. We are not anxious people. We begin trusting God more and more and as we do we discover amazing PEACE. His peace … even in the midst of conflict.