Identity IN CHRIST (11AM)

Jul 4, 2021

Over the course of our lives we fill out resumes, job applications, school forms, credit checks. We go through each process in order to prove who we are and why we are worth hiring, worth being admitted to a particular school, why we are a good investment for a financial advance.

From our earliest years we are often defined, in the eyes of others and our eyes too, by the job we have, the school we attend, the car we drive and the home we live in (we are rarely asked about the outstanding mortgage or the ongoing car payments).

Are we more than the sum of our diplomas, paychecks, zip code, and school pedigree? The word from above, from God Himself, is a resounding “Yes!”

Paul spoke about this in the passage we are studying this morning. In the opening verses of Philippians Chapter 3 (the city of Philippi was at the north end of the Aegean Sea) Paul listed all of his accomplishments and then compared all of them collectively, all he had worked for, to knowing and loving Jesus. For him, me too, there was/is no comparison. If true it provides us with an identity that can never be taken from us. Jobs come and go. Schools change. Cars and houses rust and fall apart. Jesus does not.

Who are we? God’s word for us today will provide an answer, a good, freeing, life-giving answer!