The Deceiver Deceived (9AM)

Jun 4, 2023    Curt McFarland

Someone takes advantage of another and then the tables turn. There are number of ways we put it ... “they’re getting what they deserve,” “ain’t payback something,” “a dose of their own medicine.” With that it seems some semblance of justice has been restored in the world.

Most of us are uncomfortable when underhanded, evil, self-serving deeds, go unpunished. We demand justice. But do we really want justice? We are happy enough when we get away with something we shouldn’t have done … as long as others get what’s coming to them. 

Jacob had cheated, stolen, lied, to get what he wanted. His brother and father were his victims. Now the tables turned and Jacob was deceived. The price he paid … 14 years of labor. 14 years lost. 14 years without contact with his parents or his brother. This may have been valuable time. Time to reflect. Time to consider a different approach to his life, his faith, his relationships. 

It may take years … but then we discover Christian faith is about second, third, fourth … and many more, chances.  New beginnings!