Little Big Lunch 10am

Aug 13, 2023    Sonny Salsbury and company

We have four separate accounts of the life, the teachings, the miracles, of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Two of the authors (Matthew, and John) walked with Jesus, watched Him, talked to Him. They were eyewitnesses of the events they wrote down.

Of the other two, Mark was closely connected to Peter, one of the original disciples. It’s understood that Mark wrote down the sermons and stories Peter told as he talked about Jesus. Luke did the same for his friend Paul. The first three (Matthew, Mark and Luke) share so many of the same teachings, the same stories, the same miracles, the same message, that they are often referred to as the Synoptic (Synoptic = Syn (same) + optic (view)) Gospels (Gospel = Good News).

John, the last of the four accounts to be written, provides insights, stories, and details the other three do not include. All four record the events up to, and including, Jesus’ death by crucifixion. They also all declare His Easter morning resurrection. The only other miracle that all four share … I think I’ve got this right … is the miracle that is our focus this morning, the miracle of the feeding of the 5000.  Jesus took a little and made it BIG.

This morning a cast of actors and singers will bring to life Sonny’s Salsbury’s musical, “Little Big Lunch.”

As you read through this miracle picture yourself in the crowd. Then picture yourself as one of Jesus’ disciples, “How can we feed so many with five loaves and two fish?” And then see yourself as the young boy bringing what he offered … and watching it GROW! Now that’s SOMETHING amazing … because of SOMEONE, JESUS!