We Belong Together (9AM)

Oct 17, 2021    Craig Hooper

As part of Mission Sunday, the Mission Ministry Team of Grace of Christ would like to welcome and extend appreciation to Yakima Young Life area director Craig Hooper. Known as “Hoop”, Craig will continue along in our sermon series LETTERS TO CORINTH & YAKIMA drawing from 1Cor 12:11-31

From the very beginning of scripture, we see that “it is not good for man to be alone.” Rather, we are meant to live out our lives—and our faith in community. While this may seem simple, the church in Corinth shows us how difficult it can be to live in community and to be united in our diversity. It was difficult for the Corinthians to do this 2,000 years ago, and it’s difficult for us Yakimanians today.

As broken human beings, we tend to create division around our differences. Paul reminds the Corinthians (and us!) that God’s desire is that we are united in the diversity of the gifts he has given each of us in our community. We actually need each other and our various gifts in order to experience the very best that God has for us!

Yakima Young Life is one of Grace’s mission organization partners. Young Life creates an environment for kids to be kids and accepted as they are. Young Life leaders build relationships with youth and share about Jesus through Young Life club, bible studies, camps and other fun activities. Helping kids to grow in their faith, Yakima Young Life has clubs with kids from nine high schools and five middle schools throughout our valley.