The Gathered Church: Our Hope In Christ, from St Paul Cathedral

Feb 21, 2021    Monsignor Ecker

As the Gathered Church we desire to live out God’s call for unity within our walls (Gracia de Cristo and Grace of Christ no longer co-tenets but one church), and also beyond our walls. As we work toward unity we will not agree with other Christians on all points theologically, but we will agree on what is most important: Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior, Immanuel: God with us. We affirm that we are called and saved by God’s Grace through Christ alone. That is our foundation, God’s promise, our hope. We are His Gathered Church.

This morning we welcome our dear friend Monsignor John Ecker, priest at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Yakima. Monsignor is a title of honor granted by the Pope. He first served in Yakima in 1958. After his service as a Navy Chaplain he returned to Yakima. He then spent 8 years in Kennewick, and then back to Yakima, serving at St. Paul’s since 1988.

Monsignor Ecker has been with us before and we are grateful for his return. He is one of the most beloved Christian leaders in Yakima. He is respected and honored throughout our community. He is also a personal friend to many of us.