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Campbell Farm is a ministry serving the children & families in the lower Yakima Valley who are living in poverty.  Please help Grace of Christ continue its tradition of caring by donating needed items for Campbell Farm Kid’s After-School Cultural Program and Summer Nutrition Food Program.
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Through the practice of hospitality, The Campbell Farm seeks to: Model the just and peaceable kingdom of God; Heal empower and equip God’s people by the holy spirit; Be ambassadors of Christ’s reconciliation; Be good stewards of God’s creation.
THE CAMPBELL FARM provides meals to housing projects in three sites: Campbell Farm, Wapato Community Center and an isolated location near Harrah.  During this time, TCF provides breakfast and lunch for families who, as a result of living in poverty, can often go days without eating.  As a result, hundreds of families know that their young folks will have the security of food.  In the summer of 2013, we served over 14,000 meals, providing an invaluable resource that supports our young people in their physical, emotional and psychological health.
THE CAMPBELL FARM offers mentoring, meals and tutoring for young people after school throughout the school year. The program provides transportation to students, tutoring, arts and crafts and a loving multi-cultural community for predominantly Native American and Latino children. Due to the lack of food resources among many of the children’s families, TCF prioritizes mind, body and soul nourishment as one of the main goals for the after school program. The farm provides children with a safe place to do their homework with the support of mentors before being fed healthy dinners and returning home.
In our community 1 in 3 of our youth have thought of committing suicide and 1 in 5 have actually attempted. State Department of Health statistics released in May of 2013 show that in Washington, the rate of suicide among native youth from 10 to 24 years old was more than double the rate of any other ethnic population.

It is the mission of Campbell Farm to give these youth hope and value in their self worth in order to follow the steps that Christ has prepared for them.