A cheerful giver

At Grace of Christ, we believe that “God loves a cheerful giver.”  The standard of giving for God’s people has always been the tithe, or what is often referred to as “first fruits.”  It’s the equivalent  to 10% of an individual’s or family’s gross household income.  The actual dollar amount is to be prayerfully determined, and is strictly between God and the giver.  

However, we recognize that for some, due to personal financial circumstances and seasons of life, giving 10% may not be possible. Whatever you are able to give is an expression of thanksgiving for all that God has given to you.  Give according to what you have, according to what God is putting on your heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion.  It’s not a matter of how much you give.  It’s a matter of the heart.  It is also a step of faith.  

 If you are thinking of contributing financially for the first time to God’s ministry at Grace of Christ, start with whatever is on you heart.  If you are not giving a full tithe, consider increasing what you have given in the past, perhaps by 1%.  If you give 10% to Grace of Christ, seek God’s counsel for giving even more this year.  

Wherever you may be in terms of giving to God’s Ministry for His Kingdom, may there constantly be an increase of not only the sowing, but also of the reaping as the “Lord of the Harvest” uses us to advance His purpose, for His Kingdom, and for His Glory.

Pastor Bill's Pony Express Letter

Camp Ghormley:  If you wish to pledge to Camp Ghormley in 2021, please connect with Joel Whitehead at joel@campghormley.com or 509-672-4311.

2021 commitment of giving