Quick to Judge ... Quick to Accuse 10AM

Aug 27, 2023    Curt McFarland

One of things people (all people) do not like is when someone accuses someone else publicly, without mercy, and then it’s discovered they are as much, or more, messed up themselves. A pastor, a teacher, a friend, a politician, accuses and condemns. They sound so righteous, so superior, so moral, and then their hypocrisy is exposed, and we hear a collective groan … “Not again!”

We’ve returned to our year-long sermon series in the book of Genesis (the first book of the Bible). Each person we meet, from here to the end, has family drama, personal heartache, individual sin. And, they also have the goodness and grace of God in the midst of their mess.

In this morning’s story Judah is quick to condemn his daughter-in-law, Tamar. And then we find out he’s messed up too. When he’s faced with his own hypocrisy, at least he owns up. Do we?

We should not ignore, or excuse, the mess in our life, or in the lives of others. The difference is, as followers of Jesus, we quickly acknowledge our own mess, and humbly help others see theirs, all the while offering grace, because God has been gracious to us.