The Great Commission & Expansion of God's Church

Mar 14, 2021    Alex Rule    Matthew 28:16-20

And Jesus came and said to His disciples:
“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

Jesus, at this very special moment, was giving His Disciples powerful and convincing proof of His own resurrection. And, with the Authority and Power that Jesus has had from the beginning, He was now ready to give the Great Commission to His disciples, those who were there with Him, and for those who were to come.

Jesus knew from the very beginning that the SCATTERED CHURCH will start after His RESURRECTION. He was preparing and equipping His disciples for the long journey and for such a time like this. The Lord releases His Power to all of them, He enables men of GREAT FAITH to go into ALL NATIONS, and He sent them with POWER and AUTHORITY and DIRECTION from THE HOLY SPIRIT. The same way JESUS CHRIST is preparing you to GO and make disciples everywhere. Remember that, as you GO, His expectation is that you teach followers to make disciples, who make disciples. Now is the time to be the SCATTERED CHURCH that will be conquering the world for JESUS.