Get to know Jahzeel

Jahzeel Garcia-Figueroa is the current head of youth ministry alongside Amae Merrill. Who are both working on establishing a new youth program from scratch. Jahzeel has recently heard the Lord call her in this direction for now. As she grew up in this church, she was very active in youth. She attended youth consistently from 7th -12th grade. During her years attending youth she was able to see the constant flux of both students attending and youth pastors come through. So, the Lord has set a fire of passion for youth. She can’t wait to get this program up and running and have fun helping generate memories for the youth of our Church.

Aside from youth, Jahzeel also helps with Spanish Translation whenever it is needed.

Jahzeel moved to Yakima in October of 2010 at the age of 9 and with her family began to attend Cristo Vive in November of that same year, while the church was still First Pres. She lives with her mom Edith Figueroa and her 4 younger siblings. She loves listening and playing music, swimming, reading, and hanging out with her family by either completing puzzles or watching movies.