faith, sexuality & gender conference
october 21-22, 2024

Presented by The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender

Hosted by Grace of Christ Presbyterian church, Yakima

Join us at the Faith, Sexuality, and Gender Conference, as Dr. Preston Sprinkle dives deep into the theological, relational, and ministry-related questions that come up in the LGBTQ conversation. Register now for in-person or streaming access to the full Faith, Sexuality, and Gender Conference, including the Introduction to the LGBTQ Conversation on October 21. You have the option to register for the full conference (Oct. 21-22) or to only attend the first session, “An Introduction to the LGBTQ Conversation” (Oct. 21, 6:30pm-9pm).
Conference Details
  • Monday, October 21. 6:30pm - 9pm (Pacific)
  • Tuesday, October 22. 8:30am-3:30pm (Pacific)
  • Location: Grace of Christ. 9 S 8th Ave, Yakima WA 98902

  • In-Person $95 (Groups of 4+ pay only $85 each)
  • Stream Online $50 (Groups of 4+ pay only $40 each)


Monday, October 21
  • 6:30pm Intro & The Grace/Truth Way of Jesus
  • 7:00pm Theology of Marriage and Same-Sex Relations
  • 7:45pm Can Christians Truly love LGBT+ Without Changing Theology?
  • 8:00pm Five Relational Do's and Don'ts'
  • 8:30pm Questions & Responses
  • 9:00pm Dismissal

Tuesday, October 22
  • 8:30am Day 2 Intro - Stuff You Already Know
  • 8:45am Engaging Affirming Arguments
  • 9:15am Foundations for Ministry: 7 Key Questions/Proposals
  • 10:15am Questions and Responses / Case Study 1
  • 11:00am Engaging the Transgender Conversation & Case Study 2
  • 12:30pm Lunch Break
  • 1:15pm Meet the Family (Panel Discussion)
  • 2:00pm Why the Church Needs LGBTQ People
  • 2:30pm How Can LGBTQ People Flourish in the Church?
  • 3:00pm Questions & Responses
  • 3:30pm Dismissal