Get to know curt.

Curt and Kathaleen McFarland are honored to return to Yakima Grace (First Presbyterian).  Curt grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, Kathaleen lived in numerous places as the daughter of an Air Force officer before settling in Las Vegas in her middle school years (her dad’s final assignment was Nellis Air Force Base.  Curt attended Whitworth in Spokane, Kathaleen Westmont in Santa Barbara.  Several years after college Curt and Kathaleen met.  They got married in between Curt’s first and second year of Seminary in New Jersey.
Curt’s introduction to Central Washington came during his college years.  Whitworth sent him on a summer mission to Wapato, the Campbell Farm. During that summer of bucking hay, weeding acres of vegetables, and working in the apple trees, Curt fell in love with the Yakima Valley.  After serving churches in Philadelphia and Phoenix Curt and Kathaleen returned to Yakima where Curt was as Associate Pastor, first at Ghormley (a Christian Camp owned and operated by Grace of Christ, located by Rimrock Lake near White Pass), and then in a pastor role at the church, 14 years total.  During those years Kathaleen led the summer program at Ghormley, taught Preschool at Grace, worked with High Schoolers here, cooked thousands of meals, and taught and coached in Union Gap and then Naches.
In 2010 Curt and Kathaleen moved to a church in Moses Lake, serving there nearly eight years.  New friendships, filling a variety of roles, eight trips to Haiti, the kindness and mercy of God are highlights from those years.  An unexpected call in 2017 brought Curt and Kathaleen back to Yakima where Curt led a team of 10 chaplains at Memorial hospital.  Kathaleen returned to teaching and coaching in the Naches School District.  In the middle of the pandemic Curt agreed to return to Grace of Christ in a support role for 18 months.  An unanticipated situation changed that year and a half into a long-term role.

Kathaleen and Curt have two incredible kids, Rosemary and Tyler, (they were 3 years old and a year old when we first arrived at Ghormley). Both grew up here at this church, benefitting from the Preschool, Kidzone, youth group, mission trips, the faithful teaching and care of many of you).  They are now both married (Tyler and his wife Olga, Rosie and her husband Kevin.  Rosie and Kevin welcomed their son (our grandson) Hezekiah in December of 2022). Curt and Kathaleen are grateful for all of those who have welcomed them back, cared for them, prayed for them, and offered grace and friendship.

Curt believes that Grace can, and will, be a church that lives out both Grace and Truth, not one or the other, both.  Grace of Christ will strive to invite all to community without demanding conformity.  Questions, doubts, failures and fear are all welcome here are we discover how to live honestly, humbly, and boldly for Jesus.  We love our city, and the women, men, children, students, throughout the Yakima Valley.
Curt enjoys golf (more than golf enjoys Curt), the mountains, the Oregon coast, fly-fishing, time with family and friends (new and old), reading a good book, appreciating a good meal, having a thoughtful conversation (with himself and with others), discovering the simplicity and complexity of life in Christ in the neighborhood, at the Hardware store, in Haiti or in Cambodia, wherever we find God has placed us each day.

Welcome Home Curt & Kathaleen!